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Research Degree Topics 2020-21

The department's academic staff are organised into research groups which reflect their specific areas of research activity. Within Civil and Structural Engineering there are four overarching research areas: Structures, Ground, Water and Environmental.

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*Please note that you are welcome to discuss alternative research topics with project supervisors, all projects subject to funding unless stated otherwise.

Research Degree Topics in Geotechnics

No Topic Supervisor
1 Developing Efficient Model Surrogates For Water Resources And Subsurface Contaminant Management Dr Domenico Bau
2 Geomechanical Inverse Modelling And Uncertainty Quantification Dr Domenico Bau
3 Understanding And Quantifying The Risk Associated With Subsurface Fluid Injection Dr Domenico Bau
4 Managing Biofilms And Disinfection Residuals To Protecting Drinking Water Safety Prof Joby Boxall
5 Understanding Rate Effects In Geomaterials Dr Sam Clarke
6 Predicting The Impulse From Buried Charges Dr Sam Clarke
7 Shock Transmission Through Geological Materials Dr Sam Clarke
8 The Insidious Impact Of Transients On Leakage Dr Richard Collins
9 Determining The Impact Of Developing A 24/7 Supply Of Drinking Water On Assets, Communities And The Environment In Nepal? Dr Richard Collins
10 Model Predictive Control Of Naturally Ventilated Atria. Dr Abigail Hathway
11 The Future Of Hydraulic Water Network Design To Manage Discolouration Risk Dr Stewart Husband
12 Automated Concrete Casting Prof Kypros Pilakoutas
13 Particle-fluid Interaction For Pile Jetting Installations Dr Paul Shepley
14 State Estimation For Monitoring Structures During Extreme Loading And Environmental Conditions Dr Danny Smyl
15 Understanding How The Deterioration Of Cast Iron Pipes Evolves Into Leakage Prof Luca Susmel
16 Effects Of Microplastics On Interactions Between Soil Biota, Soil Structure And Crop Performance In Sewage Sludge-amended Soils Prof Steve Thornton
17 Modelling The Thermomechanical Behaviour Of Concrete Subjected To High Temperatures Dr Giacomo Torelli
18 A Multi-hazard Modelling Approach For Disaster Risk Management Dr Lu Zhuo
19 The Development Of An Advanced Dynamic Risk Assessment Tool Based On Agent-based Modelling Dr Lu Zhuo
20 The Assessment Of Extreme Urban Flooding Risks On Traffic Network Using Digital Twin Technology Dr Lu Zhuo