The University of Sheffield
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Design And Safety Philosophy For Reinforced Concrete.

Supervisor: Prof Kypros Pilakoutas

Joint Supervisor: Dr Maurizio Guadagnini

The design and safety philosophy of current codes of practice for reinforced concrete (RC) structures is based on the semi probabilistic format of partial safety factors. Past research has indicated that the application of this design and safety philosophy leads to a number of issues, such as variable structural reliability levels and predominant mode of failure is not known a priori. Additional issues arise when considering the long-term behaviour of RC structures, since the current safety format does not seem to account directly for it, especially the effect of aggressive environments on the mechanical behaviour of RC.

The main aim of this research is to develop a safety and design philosophy that accounts for the long-term behaviour of RC structures. This will require use of structural reliability theory as well as uncertainty modelling.

This project is NOT FUNDED, although Departmental/University scholarships are available for applicants who can demonstrate strong evidence of research potential.

Pre-requisite qualification

MEng , MSc

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