The University of Sheffield
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Particle-fluid Interaction For Pile Jetting Installations

Supervisor: Dr Paul Shepley

There is a need to install ever larger piles - especially in the case of offshore foundations for wind turbines, which tend to be very large monopiles. This is a very difficult process, and engineers seek methods for reducing pile loads. One such method is to use high pressure water jetting during installation to fluidise the ground around the pile.

This project seeks to understand the governing mechanisms of pile jetting, mainly through the fluid-particle interaction aspects of the process. The work will be a combination of physical experiments conducted at Sheffield using high speed photography and Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) techniques to characterise the flow conditions.

Pre-requisite qualifications

Civil, Mechanical, Fluid Mechanics, Physics or Applied Mathematics

This project is NOT FUNDED, although Departmental/University scholarships are available for applicants who can demonstrate strong evidence of research potential.