Our Centenary Year

Civil & Structural Engineering

After the First World War

There was a huge increase in numbers after the First World War as students who had left to join the armed forces returned and many ex-servicemen were awarded grants by the government to study at university. By 1919-20 the number studying Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering was almost double the year before, with 222 full-time and part-time students compared to 118 in 1918-19. There was concern that these newly trained men were entering the workforce during a period of economic uncertainty and the University worked with the Federation of British Industries to find jobs for these new graduates. But in the Faculty's Annual Report for 1920-21 it was noted that 'in the experience of this Faculty the policy of the government has been completely justified' and that 'there has been evidence of a keen desire to take the fullest advantage of the opportunities provided and an almost entire absence of any kind of idleness or slacking.'