Our Centenary Year

Civil & Structural Engineering

Q/A Session

What is your current job and where in the world are you working?
I am currently Principal Structural Engineer for BG&E working in Perth, Western Australia with regular site visits to other parts of Australia.

What is the best thing about being an engineer?
Personally, being part of the 'team' and making valuable, professional contributions to large construction projects is very rewarding.

Which of your projects are you are most proud of?
Before emigrating to Australia in 2005 I was involved with the redevelopment of the Wimbledon tennis venue including the implementation of the new sliding roof to Centre Court. In Australia I have been involved in numerous mining related projects for the world's large iron ore miners (BHP, Rio Tinto).

What did you enjoy most about studying at Sheffield?
Having previously never lived away from home and never ventured as far north in the UK, my time at Sheffield was a particularly enjoyable part of my life. It is also the place where I met my wife.

Do you have a funny story/anecdote about your time here?
I can recall one occasion where I turned up for an exam at the Goodwin sports centre only to find the exam was actually taking place at Mappin Street. After the 1 mile sprint down the hill, I arrived at the exam out of breath and pouring in sweat - the examiner took great pity and allowed me an extra 15 minutes to recover!!

What would you say to someone thinking of studying Civil & Structural Engineering here at Sheffield?
The courses at Sheffield are world-renowned and its graduates are held in very high esteem in the civil/structural engineering environment.