Our Centenary Year

Civil & Structural Engineering

Q/A Session

What is your current job and where in the world are you working?
I am involved with property management especially maintenance of assets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What is the best thing about being an engineer?
Diversity!! Throughout my career, I have been involved with design, maintenance, on-site supervision, training, regulatory work (with authorities), construction, and project management. I have known engineers who made a career in non-engineering fields too such as finance and investment.

Which of your projects are you are most proud of?
Many!! But the one that stands out was the construction of a Hotel in Kota Bharu Kelantan Malaysia, during which I was called to save the project from being abandoned due to disputes. I was the project manager then. The hotel is now operational and has become one of the top hotels in the city.

What did you enjoy most about studying at Sheffield?
(i) cheap bus fares (ii) the Students’ Union & sports hall (iii) the tranquil environment & atmosphere in Sheffield

Do you have a funny story/anecdote about your time here?
Two! They are not really funny but had a lasting impression on me until today.

My full name is “Ahmad Azizuddin bin Dato Azizul Rahman”. The word underlined is my own name. The word in italics means “son of” and the word in bold is my father’s name (surname). However, throughout my life in Sheffield, the University would address me using my father’s name. Luckily my father was not with me in Sheffield, otherwise he had to respond on my behalf all the time. I hope this system has changed.

When I was growing up in Malaysia before continuing my studies in the UK in 1975, I watched a British movie called ‘SWALK’ (Sealed with a loving kiss). It starred young teenagers (about my age) such as Tracy Hyde & Mark Lester. I fell in love with Tracy Hyde immediately. I watched the movie more than once in succession. I said to myself; if Tracy was a typical English beauty (she look so sweet, had big eyes and two slightly larger front teeth) I cannot wait to get onto the next flight to London! Finally, when I was at the University of Sheffield, I lived in the Stephenson Hall of Residence. I never knew Ballroom Dancing so out of curiosity I took some lessons in it. Then the instructor introduced me to an English lady to become my dance partner. Yes… you guessed correctly. She looked like Tracy Hyde!! At that time ballroom dancing was my greatest extracurricular activity on earth. Sometimes she would come for the lessons with a guy whom I didn’t pay much attention to. However, after three lessons, the guy took her away and I did not see her again after that. I wonder where she is now??

What would you say to someone thinking of studying Civil & Structural Engineering here at Sheffield?
Damn it. What are you waiting for??