Civil & Structural Engineering
Research Seminars 2019 - 20

Seminars start at 1pm and last for 1 hour (Finish 2pm).

09-Oct-19Mappin LT71:00PMAdnan A AhmedTheory of Critical Distance to Design 3D Printing PLA Notched Components
20-Nov-19Mappin LT71:00PMPaul LedgerMetal detection inverse problem using polarisability tensors or my work reduced order models and hp FEM in coupled electromechanical problems applied to MRI scanners
22-Jan-20Mappin LT61:00PM Dr. Danny SmylInverse problems in structural materials engineering
04-Mar-20Mappin LT61:00PMDr. Giacamo TorelliMinimizing the embodied energy in concrete structures
08-Apr-20Blackboard Collaborate1:00PMDr. Andrew LiewDigital fabrication and numerical methods for structural efficiency
15-Apr-20Blackboard Collaborate1:00PMDr. Charles RougeCoordination in large scale models in water resource engineering: challenges for water resillience
06-May-20Blackboard Collaborate1:00PMDr. Lu ZhuoBuilding City Resilience to Natural Disasters An Agent-based Modelling Approach

Previous Research Seminars

Research Seminars 2018 - 2019

10-Oct-18Mappin LT71:00PMBen FullerDispersion in Hopkinson pressure bars subjected to blast loading
17-Oct-18Mappin LT71:00PMDr Muhamad YusaIndonesia: natural hazards: geotechnical challenges from earthquakes
07-Nov-18Mappin LT71:00PMNeda NabidPerformance-based optimisation of friction energy dissipation devices in RC structures
14-Nov-18Mappin LT71:00PMDr Thomas ShireMicro-scale Modelling of One Form of Internal Erosion
13-Feb-19Mappin LT71:00PMSally WestonTransient Mobilisation of Pipe-Wall Adhered Material in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
13-Mar-19Mappin LT71:00PMAndy TyasOverview of work carried out at Buxton
10-Apr-19Mappin LT71:00PMDan PopeThe numerical simulation of high strain rate events (at Dstl)
24-Apr-19Mappin LT71:00PM
2:00PMMartin Mayfield/Danielle Densley TingleyUrban Flows Observatory
08-May-19Mappin LT71:00PMDr Flavia De Luca (Speaker); Luca LombardiLinear Time-History Analysis for Eurocode 8 Design and Fragility Analysis of Critical Facilities
05-Jun-19Mappin LT71:00PMHarm AskesOperator Split Methods
17-Jul-19Mappin LT71:00PMDr Javier CuadrosEarly Mars: How Blue Was It?
24-Jul-19Mappin LT71:00PMQuisco Mena (Think Tank Engineering)A Consistent Methodology to Measure Structural Efficiency in Buildings. Assessment of Current Material Overspend, Theoretical Feasibility and Prospects
07-Aug-19Mappin LT71:00PMDr Keerthan PoologanathanTBC
30-Aug-19Mappin LT91:00PMProfessor Mark StewartTBC

Research Seminars 2017 - 2018

27-Sep-17Mappin LT73:00PMProfessor Abbas Khayyer"Lagrangian Particle Methods: Latest Achievements and Future Perspectives"
09-Jan-18Mappin LT73:00PMDr Morgan YangImmersed Tunnel Construction of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge
07-Feb-18Mappin LT73:00PMProfessor Harm AskesMicro-mechanics of solids
3:30PMDr Isabel DoutereloMetagenomics: use of microbial genes to understand drinking water systems.
14-Feb-18Mappin LT73:00PMDr Virginia StovinInside Green Roofs
3:30PMProfessor Ian Guymer
21-Feb-18Mappin LT73:00PMDr Paul BrockwayCould Energetic Constraints be slowing Economic Growth?
28-Feb-18Mappin LT73:00PMHadi ArbabiA Scaling Theoretic Evaluation of Infrastructural Needs in England and Wales
4:00PMDr Sung Kyu MaengBiological Stability of Drinking Water: From Source to Tap
07-Mar-18Mappin LT73:00PMDr Colin SmithTBA
14-Mar-18Mappin LT73:00PMDr Marco BianchiThe concept of geological entropy and its impact on solute transport in heterogeneous aquifers
05-Apr-18Twenty65 meeting room12:00 noonProfessor Ian GuymerEPSRC Fellowship - Modelling Mixing Mechanisms - Challenges & Opportunities
12:30PMDr Chris KeylockA New Framework for Analysing the Flow of a Turbulent Fluid
25-Apr-18Mappin LT73:00PMProfessor Joby BoxallTBA
3:30PMDr Sam Rigby
16-May-18Mappin LT83:00PMAndy TaggFlood Risk Management - Research and Practice
23-May-18Mappin LT73:30PMAbigail LeggeTBA
30-May-18Mappin LT73:00PMRui ZhangApplication of Limit Analysis to Non-linear and Non-Associative yield conditions
3:15PMZhangjie PengHydrological performance of green roofs
3:30PMTim HagemanA finite element formulation for non-Newtonian fluid flow through cracked, deformable porous media
06-Jun-18Mappin LT73:00PMRichard JohnsonBattery Energy Storage Systems for Low Voltage Network Management
3:30PMHadi ArbabiUrban Productivity, Mobility, & Density: A Scaling Theoretic Evaluation of Structural Needs in England and Wales

Research Seminars 2016 - 2017

Wednesday, September 28, 2016Mappin LT9No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMKaley Crawford-FlettInternal erosion phenomena in earth dams: knowledge gaps and geotechnical research in the New Zealand setting
Wednesday, October 19, 2016Mappin LT9No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMProfessor Chris BurgoyneGeoengineering - The SPICE Project
Wednesday, October 26, 2016Mappin LT93:00PMProfessor David HillsContacts and Fretting - Unusual (& Practical) Contact Problems
No Speaker
No Speaker
Wednesday, November 16, 2016Mappin LT9No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMDr Gennaro SenatoreAdaptive Structures: Infinitely Stiff, Extremely Slender, Ultra-Light Weight.
Wednesday, November 30, 2016Mappin LT9No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMDr Roeland de KatTaylor's Hypothesis and Pressure from Particle Image Velocimetry
Wednesday, February 8, 2017Mappin LT93:00PMDr Dongfang LiangShallow Water Modelling of Floods and Coastal Processes
No Speaker
No Speaker
Wednesday, February 22, 2017Mappin LT93:00PMProfessor Abbas KhayyerLagrangian Particle Methods: Latest Achievements and Future Perspectives
No Speaker
No Speaker
Wednesday, March 29, 2017Mappin LT9No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMProfessor Kristian KrabbenhoftNew tools for geotechnical deformation and stability analysis

Research Seminars 2015 - 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016Mappin LT5No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMProfessor Rene de BorstFracture and Flow in Porous Media
Wednesday, February 24, 2016Mappin LT4No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMDr Ruben van CoileTowards true Performance-Based structural fire safety: failure probabilities and decision making applied to fire-exposed concrete elements
Wednesday, March 02, 2016Mappin LT5No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMDr Anna RomanovaConcrete corrosion induced by sulphuric acid
Wednesday, March 16, 2016Diamond LT8No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMProfessor Philip Withers3D Time Lapse Imaging
Wednesday, April 13, 2016Mappin LT5No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMDr Michael BrownPhysical modelling for offshore energy infrastructure deployment
Wednesday, April 20, 2016Diamond LT83:00PMProfessor Charles AugardeGeotechnical Aspects of Earthen Construction
No Speaker
No Speaker
Wednesday, April 27, 2016Mappin LT53:00PMProfessor Kenichi SogaSmart Sensor Systems for Smart Infrastructure and Construction
No Speaker
No Speaker
Wednesday, May 04, 2016Mappin LT5No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMProfessor Francois ClemensData reliability
Wednesday, May 11, 2016Mappin LT5No Speaker
No Speaker
4:00PMProfessor Genevieve LangdonTBA